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The aged care system can be difficult to understand and navigate. Mercy Health is here to help you access the best services, whatever your unique situation. To have all your questions answered, call us today on 1300 478 776.

I am looking to access aged care for myself, a friend or family member

Understanding the aged care system and finding the right care can be challenging.

If you or someone you know has experienced a fall, health event, or your circumstances are slowly changing, navigating a confusing system is another stress you simply don’t need.

Luckily, our trusted aged care experts are always here to help for free. Whatever your situation, we can help you find the right aged care to stay as independent as possible. Call us now on 1300 478 776 and find out how you may be able to continue living the life you love at home.

Why use this service?

We offer:

  • personalised aged care advice to you, or a family member on your behalf
  • help with aged care referrals, applications, and eligibility assessments, including Aged Care Assessments and navigating My Aged Care
  • timely, efficient support and advice to arrange the services you may need to live safely and independently at home
  • support to arrange short-term solutions while you wait for approvals or the outcome of assessments
  • clear advice on getting the most out of your government funding.

I am a health professional looking to refer patients more effectively

Although you may be familiar with the process and assessments involved in referring patients for aged care, we can help you stay across the latest updates to the system and ensure you refer patients for the right care more effectively.

There is often a waiting period while My Aged Care assessments are completed. We can help fill the gap for your patients by providing services on a private fee-paying basis.

Why use this service?

Mercy Health is an experienced not-for-profit provider of home care services  and we will work in partnership with you to:

  • understand the most recent government referral, assessment and allocation considerations for Home Care Packages
  • stay up-to-date with the breadth of care options available to patients/clients while they are waiting for package assessments to be completed
  • arrange for timely or ongoing supports for patients and clients.

Call our FREE Care Advisory Service now: 1300 478 776.

Last reviewed March 26, 2019.

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