About our services

Whether you're getting older, have a disability, or returning home from a stay in hospital, our well trained and skilled team can keep you comfortable, safe and independent at home. You can access services from one hour a week through to 24 hours a day, every day; choose one service, or mix and match a bundle to create a personal ‘support plan’. We can help with every aspect of your daily routine: from getting up and getting ready, to cleaning, shopping, pursuing your hobbies and attending appointments.

Getting around

Travel to and from your appointments, do the grocery shopping, go to the hairdresser, visit friends and family, and more.

In your home

Get help with your daily routine around the house: cleaning, laundry, cooking, getting ready in the morning, preparing for bed, showering, and more.

Health and wellbeing

Get assistance with your medication, support when coming home from hospital, help organising medical appointments, and more.

Fun, family and friends

Visit your family and friends, get actively involved in your hobbies, learn to use technology to stay in touch, and get out and about in your community.

Caring for your carers

If you’re caring for someone—a family member, friend, or loved one—we can provide you with a break from your care responsibilities.

Services near you

Check if we offer services in your area.

Yes, we can provide services in your home.

Your local care team can offer more information to keep you safe and independent at home.