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Our approach

At Mercy Health, we support you through every stage and step of your care. Whether you're new to the process and feeling overwhelmed or looking for specific services, we're here to help. We always will be. Our flexible, responsive services can meet your needs and help you live safely, actively, and independently in your own home. Find out more about our approach to care and read stories of how we’ve helped others stay independent.

Their carers genuinely care about the welfare of my dad, and act in his best interests.  I am regularly and fully informed of my dad’s behaviour or moods.  He is treated with dignity, respect, warmth and friendship.  They treat him like a cared for human being.

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Our model of care

‘Care First’ is our model of care; it guides the way we support you to live safely and independently at home. Learn what the ‘Care First’ model means for you.

Our model of care
Jenny and Jean sitting on couch

How Jean cares first for Jenny

Hear from Sarah Holmes, and her mother Jenny, about the support and care Jean provides in their lives.

How Jean cares first for Jenny

Zane describes ‘Care First’

Zane McKenzie gives his perspective on our services and what the Mercy Health model of care means for him.

Zane describes ‘Care First’

What do people say about our care?

Mercy Health has been speedy in their response to my needs. Their weekly presence is more than assuring, saving me from unnecessary worry. Staff are always friendly, respectful and gracious. Thank you sincerely for your ongoing support.

I have a wonderful team for my husband, who has young onset Alzheimer’s. They give him a great day out and treat him with respect, listen, and understand his illness. I cannot find fault with the service I am receiving from the wonderful and lovely caring nurse. I feel I have some new friends.

Mercy Health is a vital service for the community. All services we have required and requested have been given and we appreciate the availability of this organisation.”

“It’s great to close the door, leave home and know my husband is being well cared for. Our Carer feels like one of the family. I am more than happy with the service Mercy Health offers me.”

“I enjoy feeling free to go out knowing mum is having such a lovely time each week. I am forever grateful to the rostering staff who organise the carers so well to be the perfect fit for my mum’s age and interests – thank you all.”


Last reviewed May 28, 2018.