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In your home

In-Home Care is about keeping you comfortable and independent in your own home. We can support you with whatever services you need around the house. You can mix and match these services with any others to create a comprehensive care plan suited to your living situation, or you can purchase any of them on their own as a quick stop-gap solution. We’re here to meet your needs.

General help around the house

We can assist with a variety of routine household tasks. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Cleaning, laundry, grocery shopping, clearing cupboards, washing and ironing and changing bed linen.
  • Supporting your nutrition and wellbeing by preparing and cooking meals, or helping organise delivered meals.
  • Looking after your pet.

Home safety

Your home should be a place of comfort, safety and security. We can offer a range of services to keep you confident at home and put your mind at ease, including:

  • Home maintenance, lawn mowing and garden maintenance to keep your home safe and tidy.
  • Smoke alarm installations and annual maintenance checks.
  • Home modifications such as easy access taps, bathroom rails and shower hoses.
  • Key lock box installation.

Personal care

We can help you maintain your daily personal routine, including:

  • Showering, dressing, and general grooming to help you look and feel your best.
  • Assisting with your medication to help maintain your health.

Technology to keep you safe and connected

Designed to support an active and independent lifestyle, Mercy Health Connected Care is a range of technologies to keep you connected and protected if you live alone, have mobility concerns, or are injured or unwell.

Connected Care devices include:

  • Fall detectors.
  • Movement and door sensors.
  • Medication reminders.
  • Emergency pendants.
  • Smoke detectors.

All of our technologies are easy to install and simple to use. The devices can alert family members living with you, and they can be connected to the professional and caring team at our 24/7 response centre.

How to access services

If you think any of our services could help you live independently in your own home, or you need some help to understand more—please give us a call: 1300 466 322.

You can choose one service or group them together in a bundle. It’s your choice.

You may be able to access services through a Home Care Package, a government-subsidised funding package for home care.

Learn more about Home Care Packages

You may be eligible for other government funding options, and you can always purchase services immediately with your own money.

Learn more about alternative funding options

Getting around

Travel to and from your appointments, do the grocery shopping, go to the hairdresser, visit friends and family, and more.

Getting around

Health and wellbeing

Get assistance with your medication, support when coming home from hospital, help organising medical appointments, and more.

Health and wellbeing

Fun, family and friends

Visit your family and friends, get actively involved in your hobbies, learn to use technology to stay in touch, and get out and about in your community.

Fun, family and friends

Check if we offer services in your area.

Yes, we can provide services in your home.

Your local care team can offer more information to keep you safe and independent at home.

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