Our promise to clients

Our client charter guides the way we support you to live safely and independently at home. Your care and comfort are our highest priorities. Our goal is to empower you to continue your own life journey — independently and on your own terms.

When you first contact us

  • We will connect you to a team member who will be your single point of contact.
  • We will help you understand what options are available for government-subsidised care at home.
  • We will give you clear and timely information both verbally and in writing.

Understanding what you need

  • We will talk with you and your loved ones, listen to your life story and your interests, and assess your health, social, emotional and physical needs.
  • We will respect your right to make your own decisions about your care.
  • We will work with you to set goals to help you achieve your optimal level of health and wellbeing, ensuring a balance of mind, body and spirit.
  • We will explain your rights clearly.

Creating your service plan

  • We will plan and organise your services based on what is important to you, taking into account risks and barriers. Your personalised plan will help translate your goals into care and services.
  • You will be able to choose how much you will participate in directing your care and services.
  • We will be open and honest when explaining expenditure and costs for services.
  • We will outline your personalised budget clearly.

Service delivery

  • You are our number one priority. We will collaborate with you to ensure you are happy with the services you receive.
  • We will match your care team member with your needs and interests.
  • We will provide reliable care and support, with flexibility to meet your changing needs.
  • We will welcome your feedback on the care and support we provide.
  • We will support you to gain skills and confidence to do the things you want to do.
  • We will present invoices and statements in a clear, accessible format.

Monitoring and review

  • We will encourage you to take an active role in planning and reviewing your care and support.
  • We will review and evaluate your care to make sure the services and supports you receive continue to meet your individual needs and goals.


  • If you choose another home care provider or move into a residential aged care home, we will engage with you along your journey and provide clear and accurate information about exiting the service.
  • We will support and respect the decisions you make about your future care and services.
  • We will conduct any transition from your care and services in a collaborative and respectful way.

Last reviewed March 29, 2019.

Understanding your rights and responsibilities

Learn more about your rights and responsibilities as a Mercy Health Home Care Services client.

Understanding your rights and responsibilities

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