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Considering a career in Home Care Services?
Home Care Services provides the opportunity for you to use your life skills and experience to support people who are ageing, and people with a disability, to continue to live in their own homes.

As a member of our in-home care team, you will work autonomously and use your problem-solving skills and creativity to help people either regain or maintain their independence. Every day is different and every day you make a difference.

Your local service centre team is a great place to start the conversation about whether a career in home care is right for you.

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Last reviewed November 27, 2018.

Our people

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Our people

Partnering with Southern Cross Care (Vic)

In 2017, Mercy Health merged with Southern Cross Care (Vic), placing us among among the 10 largest not-for-profit aged care providers in Australia.

Partnering with Southern Cross Care (Vic)

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