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Our people

We know how important it is to have trust and confidence in your care team. We employ people who understand that the right attitude and approach is as important as any service itself. Our qualified and experienced staff offer the highest standard of care. Whether you need a little bit of support or a lot, for a short time or for ongoing care, we can help. Our professional, friendly staff will keep you as healthy and happy as possible.

Your care team

With Mercy Health, you can decide how your services are delivered and who delivers them. We take the time to understand your preferences and match your care team with your personal requirements. We make every effort to keep your care team tight-knit; that way, we can limit the number of people coming into your home and ensure your care is personalised.

We consider your individual wants and needs, such as cultural, language or gender preferences, as well as your specific interests and skill requirements.

Do you play chess or cards? We’ll have a partner for you. Like football? We’ll find a team member who is a fellow football supporter to take you to a game. Movies? Knitting? Walks in a park? A trip to a cafe for a coffee? All these activities are enhanced when your care team member enjoys them too.

Our roles and people

Get to know “who’s who” and the part they play:

Regional Service Leaders manage our service centres in Melbourne, the Barwon area, Southern New South Wales, and the Australian Capital Territory.

Service Coordinators roster your services, support community care workers and nurses, respond to your enquiries and change requests, and ensure your services are delivered promptly and reliably.

Care Advisors listen to your story, understand and organise the services you would like and can also suggest what else might be useful. They help plan your care, and coordinate all the supports you receive from Mercy Health and others.

Community Care Workers provide a wide range of services to support you to stay independent and at home. Our community care team can help with keeping your home clean, tidy and safe through to assisting you with your personal care routine such as showering, toileting and getting ready for the day.

Community Nurses provide clinical care, assessment and monitoring of your health and wellbeing.

We recruit only appropriately qualified people who support our values and approach. They have current police checks and a minimum of two professional references. Everyone in our team participates in mandatory training and professional development. They understand that your services are important, but your trust, comfort and safety are just as essential.

Our service philosophy

Whenever we’re delivering services, our team :

  • Listen to and value your individual life story.
  • Respect that we are supporting you in your home.
  • Help you stay as independent as possible, building on your strengths and abilities.
  • Partner with you and your family to nurture your health and happiness.
  • Support you to live life to your full potential, getting out and about and staying connected to family, friends and your community.
  • Are open to what is possible, being innovative and flexible.
  • Have a commitment to service excellence.

 They are friendly and professional and above all, punctual and reliable.

Work for Mercy Health

Find out about life and work at Mercy Health.

Work for Mercy Health

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