Rozanne’s story

Rozanne McDonough knows first-hand the impact a fall can have on a person’s self-confidence. Luckily, after attending some physical exercise classes at the Mercy Health Wellness Centre, she is also well-versed in how exercise therapy can assist with mobility and independence.

Over the past few years, Rozanne has had multiple falls. The negative impact on her life was clear. with injuries ranging from cuts and bruises to shoulder dislocations. However, Rozanne’s confidence and independence began to suffer as well, with the fear of falling never far away.

When Rozanne injured her wrist after a fall in early 2016, her doctors suggested she attend some physical exercise at the Mercy Health Wellness Centre to strengthen her muscles and improve her overall balance.

Rozanne began attending the Wellness Centre in February 2016. She has not had a single fall since.

With my improved balance, I am able to walk more confidently now without the constant fear of falling.

After a series of classes, Rozanne’s self-confidence has improved and, no longer gripped with the fear of falling or injuring herself in public, she is getting out more often to meet with friends. The lovely friendships Rozanne has formed with other people at the Wellness Centre have only further boosted her self-confidence.

Rozanne is now out and about in the community, happily promoting the importance of physical exercise to both new and long-held friends.

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