Coronavirus: information for Mercy Health Home Care clients and families

Mercy Health is committed to minimising the risk of infection for our home care clients, their loved ones, and our staff.

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Responding to coronavirus

Mercy Health has a well-established process in place to respond if a client or staff member tests positive to coronavirus, or is a close contact of a confirmed case. Our process is informed by a team of infectious diseases and infection prevention and control experts as well as industry best practice, and involves working closely with relevant government authorities every step of the way. Our response includes rapid contact tracing and getting in touch with any client or staff member who may be at risk of infection. If you are considered a close contact of a confirmed case, we will contact you.

Monitoring current outbreaks

Mercy Health is continuing to monitor coronavirus outbreaks. If a client (or someone who lives with them) has been advised to self-isolate because they have visited an area of concern, services will be temporarily suspended until a clinical assessment and service plan is completed to determine which services are essential and how they can continue safely with appropriate personal protective equipment.

We encourage our clients and family members to check the government website in your state or territory for the latest information on case alerts and exposure sites:

Hotel quarantine

Please let us know if you work or volunteer in hotel quarantine, or if you live with someone who does. This does not mean we will stop providing your home care services, it just enables us to consider and minimise the risk to our staff and other clients.

Keeping you safe

Mercy Health is continuing to visit home care clients, so that you can continue to do the everyday things you need to do. Your health, wellbeing and independence are important — even during a pandemic. That is why we are taking every possible precaution to make sure our staff can continue to support you safely and in line with government directives.

Mandatory vaccination

The Victorian Government has made COVID-19 vaccinations mandatory for all authorised workers. This includes people who provide home care services. Mercy Health is compliant with all government vaccination reporting requirements.

If you have any questions about mandatory vaccination at Mercy Health, please contact your local office.

Masks and eye protection

There are different requirements for masks and eye protection depending on the state or territory you live in.

Currently, Mercy Health staff in Victoria will wear a surgical mask and eye protection when they are in your home.

Please note

If you are hard of hearing, or have difficulty communicating with our staff while they are wearing a mask, our staff are permitted to remove their mask for short periods to talk to you. If they are providing care and cannot maintain a physical distance, they must keep their mask on.

Mercy Health recommends that clients in New South Wales, Victoria and the Australian Capital Territory wear a mask when our staff are in your home, or if physical distancing cannot be maintained.

What you can do to guard against coronavirus

Our top priority is the health and wellbeing of everyone we care for, as well as our staff. There are some very simple things everyone can do to help prevent the spread of infection:

  • Wash your hands regularly.
  • Cough or sneeze into a tissue or the crook of your elbow.
  • Let us know if you are unwell or feeling ‘not quite right’.
  • Let us know if anyone else in your household is sick.
  • Let us know if you or anyone in your household has been tested for coronavirus and is waiting for the result of that test.
  • Be cautious with your contact with others, including family and friends.
  • Keep a distance from our staff unless you need help with your personal care.
  • Let us know if you need help with additional cleaning of surfaces in your home, and frequently touched items.

Get vaccinated

COVID-19 vaccinations help prevent the severity of infection. Mercy Health encourages everyone to get vaccinated against coronavirus as soon as possible.

We ask that home care clients please let us know if you are vaccinated against COVID-19 (with one dose or both). This will help us plan our response if you test positive or if you are exposed to a COVID-19 case.

We also encourage you to get vaccinated against influenza, which can cause severe illness or even death in older people who are more vulnerable to the disease. The 2021 influenza vaccination is now available. It is free for people aged over 65.

Contact us if you are unwell

If you are unwell with a fever or respiratory symptoms, please contact your Local Office as soon as possible before your appointment in case we need to reschedule.

Check if we operate in your area.

Yes, we can provide services in your home.

Your local care team can offer more information to keep you safe and independent at home.

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