Jenny and Jean sitting on couch

How Jean cares first for Jenny

Hear firsthand how Jean, a member of our care team, puts Care First for Jenny and her daughter Sarah.

“We had just welcomed Mum’s second Grandson, Oliver, into the world when we received her diagnosis: early onset Alzeihmer’s disease. She was 54 years old.

Gradually, we started to notice changes in Mum’s ability to perform everyday tasks. Following a recipe or preparing a shopping list became impossible. Then, the loss of Mum’s licence took away another piece of her independence.

We knew we needed help to support her.

That’s when Jean from Mercy Health became part of our lives

Jean brings all of the Mercy Health values to life. Her compassion, her respect, her hospitality; it’s reflected in her every moment with our Mum and our family. It’s simply exceptional.

Jean has definitely enhanced Mum’s quality of life. She has offered Mum friendship, trust, kindness and the opportunity to participate in activities beyond what we were able to offer her.

Jean initiated Mum’s participation in art classes, where Mum found a beautiful way to express herself through painting, and her attendance at yoga classes.

There are no words or measurement tools to demonstrate the way in which Jean has enhanced Mum’s quality of life. She has provided Mum with friendship, trust, kindness, and the opportunity to participate in activities beyond our capabilities.

You are so incredibly valued. Families like ours thank you so very much for the service you deliver.”

— Sarah Holmes, Jenny’s daughter.

Last reviewed March 26, 2019.

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