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Once again, results from our client experience and loyalty monitoring surveys demonstrate why people choose Mercy Health ― and why we remain a preferred service provider.

In October 2017, we engaged Colmar Brunton, an independent market research company, to talk to our clients and their families about their experience with Mercy Health Home Care Services. This marks the second wave of our client experience and loyalty monitoring surveys and we are pleased that the results have once again shown that “those using Mercy Health are extremely satisfied”.

Our Net Promoter Scores of +66 (clients) and +62 (family decision-makers) are the highest Colmar Brunton has seen. It means the majority of clients and family decision-makers are “loyal enthusiasts who will keep using our services and refer Mercy Health to others”.

Satisfaction and loyalty is strong with all our service offerings, rating extremely high in the areas of personal care services, domestic assistance, transport, home monitoring and safety, nursing, and in particular, care advisory which scores over 90 per cent for overall satisfaction.


Some examples of what our clients say about us:

“They are in regular contact, and I can contact them regularly and quickly. I can communicate at this stage very much as a friend.”

“Everybody was friendly and helpful and they provided exactly what I wanted.”

“I feel that I am very lucky that we have Mercy Health. I would not be living here without them; I have a lot to thank them for.”

“It’s consistent, punctual and flexible. All the girls are extremely good and come in and have a chat. I can’t fault them.”

“They are efficient, on time and nothing is too much trouble for them.”

“They just go out of their way to do anything for me — whatever I ask or whatever they think will make things easier for me.”


Some examples of what family decision-makers say about us:

“We have been involved with Mercy Health for many years and without their help and support my mother would be unable to stay in her own home. I feel with the support of Mercy Health my sister and I are able to keep Mum in excellent health and emotionally supported. I feel I can contact Mercy Health if we need extra help at any time with services outside Mum’s usual services which is a weight off our mind.”

“The personal care they gave my husband. They were friends not people working in a place.”

“They’re helpful and efficient Mum and dad love the ladies that come to their house to help them out and I like being able to deal easily with the administration side of things.”


Summary of findings

Client experience is very important to us and we are pleased with the key findings below which sum up what people value the most about our services:

  • friendliness of our staff
  • flexibility
  • having consistent community care workers
  • reliability and punctuality of service provision
  • professionalism in day-to day-dealings.

Last reviewed March 8, 2018.

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