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Our model of care

‘Care First’ is our model of care; it guides the way we support you to live safely and independently at home. Care First is our approach and our service philosophy. Your care and comfort are our highest priorities. Our model of care respects you as an individual. We recognise you have a unique life story, needs, goals and preferences. Our goal is to empower you to continue your own life journey—independently and on your own terms.

The four concepts of Care First

Care First is based on four key concepts: C.A.R.E.

  1. Collaboration We partner with you, your family and your community.
  2. Approach We are positive, open to change and focused on your enablement and wellness.
  3. Respect We respect your dignity and privacy.
  4. Equality We ensure fairness, transparency and responsible stewardship are at the heart of all our services.

What will ‘Care First’ mean for you?

‘Care First’ ensures you’re in the driver’s seat for every choice and decision about your care.

  • When you call us: you have one person as a dedicated point of contact who explains all of your options, including any funding you can access for services.
  • When you discuss your needs and preferences: we work with you to identify what you can do and want to do, and how we can help you achieve the happy, healthy and independent life you want.
  • When you tell us what services you would like: we listen and learn your priorities to ensure our services meet your expectations and needs.
  • When you ask about costs: we outline your budget and any service charges clearly, to provide you with all the information to make clear and confident decisions.
  • When you receive services: we treat you with respect and coordinate you service plan around what’s most important to you. We carefully select staff to match your needs and interests, and create a small team you can rely on. Learn about our people.
  • Along the way: we regularly check to ensure you are delighted with the care and services you receive. We support your decisions and can suggest alternative options if your needs or preferences change.

How our people put your care first

Every member of our team:

  • Values you and your life story.
  • Offers unique services designed to meet your personal needs and goals.
  • Understands that we are guests in your home.
  • Provides you with timely, reliable and flexible services.
  • Consults with you and your family to help you stay healthy, happy and connected with the things you like doing and people you like seeing; our staff are respectful, trustworthy, and listen to what you have to say.
  • ‘Thinks outside the square’ to develop service solutions that meet your individual needs and preferences.
  • Commits to providing you with excellent services that can change and grow to meet your needs.


How Jean cares first for Jenny

Hear from Sarah Holmes, and her mother Jenny, about the support and care Jean provides in their lives.

How Jean cares first for Jenny

Zane describes ‘Care First’

Zane McKenzie gives his perspective on our services and what the Mercy Health model of care means for him.

Zane describes ‘Care First’

Understanding your rights and responsibilities

Learn more about your rights and responsibilities as a Mercy Health Home Care Services client.

Understanding your rights and responsibilities

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